One of the best historical novels I have read in ages...Fiona Mountain is a major new talent in the field of historical fiction. This is history told with integrity, with an authentic feel for the period and vividly rounded characters. All the colours and textures of the seventeenth century are eloquently and evocatively realised here, in wonderful detail, and against this backdrop is set a haunting and tragic narrative. I have come away from this book having learned much about Lady Eleanor Glanville, and butterflies, in the most entertaining way possible. I eagerly await Fiona Mountain`s next book.

Alison Weir

A fascinating story …richly and brilliantly detailed and full of love and heartbreak.

Elizabeth Buchan


My heart ached as I read this book because I knew at some point I would have to finish it. From the very first sentence I was caught by this wonderful and enchanting story, with a heroine you fall totally in love with and a world that I wish I could live in myself. It is as bewitching and wondrous as butterflies themselves and will be treasured as a read I will never forget.
Emilia Fox


Lady of the Butterflies' is an enjoyable, dramatic and intriguing tale that I found almost impossible to put down. It has a wonderful sense of period and well-observed, compelling  characters who I really cared about. Love and passion, in their many forms, are at its heart and as an actress I was particularly drawn to Eleanor  Glanvile, a strong and emotional woman  whose many joys and hardships I fully shared.

Thelma Barlow 

It is a rare talent in an author to be able to mix rigorous historical research with the narrative energies and imagination of a true novelist.  Fiona Mountain brings all of these skills to her entrancing Lady of the Butterflies.   A vivid and fascinating novel about an extraordinary woman, I was gripped from beginning to end.'

Katie Hickman, Author of "The Aviary Gate"

'Rich and brilliant...Fiona Mountain is an extraordinary talent, an impressive writer and an exceptional storyteller.'  

The Lady  


Fiona Mountain has written a powerful and sexually charged novel set in the shadow of the English Civil War. Lady of the Butterflies is a fascinating historical novel capturing the life of Eleanor Glanville, a woman of terrific scientific discipline and worldly passion.  Eleanor's life is one of personal upheaval and her story is set in the Somerset Marshlands that face social and agricultural revolution.  Mountain's novel describes Eleanor's discovery of the Glanville Fritillary, a rare butterfly that reflects Eleanor's immense strength, beauty and frailty.  It's a brilliant historical novel filled with fascinating detail and stunning imagery.  Patrick Neale, The Bookseller 


A serious and impressively researched work of exciting historical fiction that gathers momentum ...up to a thrilling finale. 

Editors' Choice, Historical Novels Review 

Well written, beautifully descriptive and completely engrossing, a must for all who enjoy historical fiction.

Choice, Book of the Month