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Isabella tells the true and haunting love story behind the mutiny on the Bounty.


Isabella, which was short listed for the Parker Romantic Novel of the Year, also sheds light on the real cause of the mutiny and the fate of its leader, Fletcher Christian.


It is the story of Fletcher's cousin, Isabella Curwen, a beautiful and rich young heiress who lived on Lake Windermere and who Fletcher was undoubtedly in love with. The book also highlights the poet William Wordsworth’s sinister role in the events following the mutiny.


Isabella is a story that has been waiting to be told for 200 years. The story of the mutiny on the Bounty is a legend which has continued to fascinate people worldwide for over two centuries. Yet, despite the 2000 books and articles that have been written about it and the fact that the subject has been the inspiration for three major Hollywood films, the tragic love story at its heart has been ignored, the real cause of the mutiny has never been properly explained and the fate of its enigmatic leader, Fletcher Christian, has remained unsolved. Until now! 


"Fabulous plot based on a true story. First cousins Isabella Curwen and Fletcher Christian were forbidden to marry, despite their passion. He took part in the mutiny on the Bounty leaving her to guard their secret"

Daily Mail


"With this blend of history, romance and suspense, you'll find yourself swept away"

Woman's Realm


"Anybody interested in the Mutiny or just enjoying a good story will find plenty to please them here. This is a haunting story that lingers in the mind long after reading; the sure sign of a satisfying book"

The Historical Novels Review


"This delightful debut novel…is an intriguing love story based on real life mysteries"

Publishing News


"Picture Mel Gibson on the streets of Workington and Cockermouth, starring in a new romantic blockbuster to rival 'Titanic"

Cumberland News


"Full of mystery, suspense, chilling legends, shifting mists, sombre bell peals and shadowy rowing boats, Fiona Mountain's novel is hard to put down and a fascinating read"

Westmorland Gazette

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