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Cavalier Queen

An epic historical novel about the lives and loves of Charles I's queen, Henrietta Maria. An English ‘Gone With the Wind.’


It was Charles I's love for his Queen Henrietta Maria which plummeted England into the darkness of the Civil Wars, but it was the love and loyalty of another man that sustained her through days of betrayal, destitution and death.


Tall and brave, Harry Jermyn is captivated by the witty French princess, just fourteen years old when she sails with him to Dover, queen of a land she has never seen, of a people whose language she cannot speak, who despise her for her faith, and wife of a king she has never met.


Charles grows to love her but rebellion and the threat of execution force her into exile and into the arms of Harry, who risks his life for her sake. Together they work for the royalist cause, pawning the crown jewels, securing men and arms and returning to England to lead an army south.


As England is torn apart, Henrietta's heart is torn between the two men she loves, between duty and illicit passion. The subject of dangerous gossip and public scandal, she is powerless to calm the storm which will lead to tragedy.




A CONVENIENT MARRIAGE Sold into marriage to a man she has never met, whose language she does not speak, whose country she has never visited – Princess Henrietta Maria of France marries Charles I and becomes Queen of England. But it is an England on the brink of cataclysm, a country about to plunge into civil war.


THE SECRET PASSION Against all odds, the marriage of Charles and Henrietta Maria becomes one of the greatest love matches in history. But in the wings is another man who will lay siege to her heart. Harry Jermyn will shake the royal marriage to its foundations as England itself is torn apart.


CAVALIER QUEEN An epic on the grand scale, set against one of the great turning points in our history.


You will be captivated until the last page.

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This is the sort of history lesson we can get on board with. Set in the 17th century Cavalier Queen charts the moving true story of Queen Henrietta of France, who finds herself torn between her husband, Charles I, and handsome rebel Henry Jermyn. As Britain is plunged into civil war, this stormy love triangle sets off a tragic chain of events. Fascinating, gripping and educational.

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A wonderfully extravagant and engrossing saga told in an engaging and effective style. Highly recommended.’ 4.5 stars.


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