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Two Words Meet: Old Wow

My two worlds collide: I’ve always combined writing stories with more commercial writing - brochures and catalogues, case studies, websites, social media etc. and I’m thrilled to be working with Cotswold Seeds and FarmED, the new centre for food and farming education, which is seeks to promote regenerative farming and sustainable food. Meantime I’ve been writing a book, which, finally, after many halts and hitches, is finished in its final incarnation - I hope! It’s inspired by the work and music of song collector and singer, Sam Lee, whose new album has been announced today.

According to Sam, Old Wow, is about, ‘the relationship that the old songs have with nature and nature with us…inspired by, sourced from and dedicated to the natural world.’ The first song to be released is called ‘The Garden of England (Seeds of Love) and it’s gorgeous.

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