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SnowGlobe Books

So I’ve learned several things this month. Indie authors need to buy their own ISBNs and when I went to purchase my bundle of 10 and discovered that Chrysalis Books (my first choice) is already taken as a brand name. I knew there was a Chrysalis Records, of course, but I thought I was OK with books. Seemingly not. So I had to have a rethink and I came up with SnowGlobe. I’ve always loved the whole concept of snow globes and I thought that the magical world or diorama contained in a globe is a pretty symbol for the stories contained within the covers of a book.

I found this on the ‘Cool Snow Globes’ website:

Everyone can relate to them – evoking a childhood memory or nostalgia of a simpler time. For the moments that the snow descends, we’ve created a whole new landscape where everything is quiet and all you can do is watch the flitter-fall. “Snow domes are not only fascinating to look at, to hold, to play with, they are folk art”, says collector Nancy McMichael, author of Snowdomes (Abbeville Press). “They are a bridge back to an idealised past we think existed but is actually in our head. It is something we carry with us.”

Thanks to Julie Russell for this lovely logo, which also incorporates the tiny shepherd’s hut I write in. I like to think the old world within this snow globe is one of itinerant storytellers and troubadours, which is very appropriate since the first book to be published by SnowGlobe Book is ‘The Keeper of Songs,’ about folks songs and ancient tradition of oral storytelling.

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